Gove Up to his Old Tricks

Oh dear, I must admit I feel rather silly this morning after realising I’ve been doing it all wrong for years now! I’ve been trying to plan engaging lessons which will focus the pupils on learning, using non-verbal strategies to challenge bad behaviour in a timely fashion, praising positive behaviour and using my school’s behaviour management system to sanction pupils who go beyond the boundaries. How foolish of me! Well, from here on in it will be straight out to weed the garden, pick up rubbish or indeed I will stick them up the chimney with a sweep to get to the hard to reach areas!

What utter nonsense emanating from the DfE this morning. Maybe I have a class that differs somewhat from the norm, but tidying my classroom seems to be more of an incentive than a punishment. Kids quarrel over who can keep the library tidy, clean the tables and organise the surroundings. Perhaps that is because they take pride in their work and their environment. They don’t settle for second best. I help to embed in the kids a set of values that will assist them in later life. Are all of the kids eager to clean up? Of course not. Do teachers already have enough strategies to tackle challenging behaviour? Of course we do. Yes, primary will differ somewhat from secondary, but a good school will have a clear policy that teachers know and works effectively. When even the Daily Mail sees it as a gimmick, you know it’s absolute blather.

Mr Gove takes us all for fools. He thinks that if he throws enough nonsense into the press (in this case about behaviour) or slips policy through when other major headlines are in the news, then we will fail to notice the way he is interfering politically with the education system. The real news here this weekend is about the removal of Baroness Morgan, the head of Ofsted. Despite (at the Education Secretaries’ own admission) giving ‘distinguished service’ and doing a ‘really good job’, Baroness Morgan has been relieved of her duties after one term in office in order for the government to bring a ‘fresh perspective’ (though I think that is read as ‘Tory appointment’). Baroness Morgan has claimed to be the victim of a determined effort from Number 10 to appoint more Tories, and you might be hard pressed to disagree. Indeed, Lib Dem minister David Laws was said to be so furious that he told a friend of his displeasure. Well you showed Gove, and indeed us, Mr Laws that the Lib Dems are no pushovers! Whatever next; maybe you’ll actually tutt about policy in public or shake your head in disagreement? Great leadership.

Don’t be fooled folks, this morning’s headlines have nothing to do with behaviour. It is merely an attention diverting exercise by Mr Gove, as Andrew Marr sits across from him ‘gooey eyed’ and not asking any probing questions. But hey, what do I know? I’m only a teacher. Now I’m off to put my blackboards back up in the classroom so that I can get the naughty kid to bang the dusters together at break time.

Secret Teacher

5 thoughts on “Gove Up to his Old Tricks

  1. George Harris February 2, 2014 at 5:30 pm Reply

    Typical teacher knows best wonder how many cannot read when they leave that school. Rather than criticising all the time be constructive take less holidays, less training days work longer hours earn the exorbitant salaries you get paid


    • secretteacher6 February 2, 2014 at 5:52 pm Reply

      Oh George, I know I shouldn’t bite but I’m going to…

      I wonder which school you are referring to? If mine, you needn’t worry. I teach in the area with the top reading statistics in the country and my kids do just fine and can read well. I take the holidays I’m given which are well earned. I am in work from 7.15am until 6pm daily when I then take work home with me. I also give up a few hours on a Sunday to plan/prepare. During the week I freely offer my time to provide an after school club for 15 pupils and a booster group for 8 kids in maths. In order to avoid stagnating, I attend the occasion CPD event, which helps to justify the ‘exorbitant’ salary I am paid as a professional (though I can assure you that I am not on anywhere near the figure you think I am). I simply couldn’t work any longer if I want to maintain any sort of life.

      Perhaps, if you are going to question the ability of my kids to read, you could show some grasp of punctuation or how to use it? Rather than blindly throwing lazy cliches at teachers, try to understand what it is you are talking about before you make yourself look like an idiot.

      Kind regards,
      Secret Teacher

      PS I cannot see where your assertion that the pupils would be unable to read has stemmed from?


  2. francesgabriel75 February 2, 2014 at 1:36 pm Reply

    Agree. When Gove opens his mouth, it’s generally cobblers that comes out.


  3. Sarah - The Puffin Diaries February 2, 2014 at 12:23 pm Reply

    Very well said and I couldn’t agree more.


  4. primaryblogger1 February 2, 2014 at 11:25 am Reply

    Reblogged this on Primary Blogging.


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