An Open Letter to Mr Tristram Hunt, Shadow Education Secretary.

A passionate, powerful and beautifully written letter to the Shadow Education Secretary, Tristram Hunt, via @nancygedge

The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Boy

An Open Letter to Mr Tristram Hunt, Shadow Education Secretary.


Dear Mr Hunt,

I am not much given to writing letters to politicians.  This is not to say that I am uninterested in politics, very much to the contrary; it is just that I have tended to express my politics through discussion, rather than letter writing, the personal rather than the public.  In fact, rather to my shame, I have only ever before written to one politician.  I wrote that letter in a spirit of hope that Things Might Change (or even actually get better) back in 1997.  I wrote then, as I do now, to the Labour Party politician responsible for Education.  Only back then, he was the new minister, rather than the Shadow Man, equally keen to make his mark, to make the headlines.

In those days I was a young, inexperienced teacher who had yet to…

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